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Casual Gourmet’s sausage and meatballs are packed with natural, juicy flavor and have a lot less fat than traditional
pork and beef varieties. And because they’re fully cooked,
they let you get a gourmet meal on the table in minutes.

All-Natural Chicken
Our sausage and meatballs are made with chicken that contain no artificial ingredients and are minimally processed.

N0 Artificial Ingredients
We use only real food ingredients in our products, never anything that’s hard to pronounce.

No Trans Fats
None of our products have these chemically altered, man-made fats.

No MSG • No Nitrites
Except for those that occur naturally in celery powder, you won’t find any nitrites in our products. And our flavor comes from real ingredients, not additives like MSG.

High Protein - Low Carb.
Our products are perfect for people who are looking to add a lower-fat source of good protein to their diets.

Fully Cooked
Want lunch or dinner on the table quick? All of our products are fully cooked so all you do is heat and serve.

We’ve got four delicious varieties of gourmet sausage.

Our chicken meatballs jazz up soups and pasta and make great appetizers, too.